Our Safety Program

Safety is our number one concern at Wheeler Trucking. We are dedicated to keeping our drivers, customer’s product, and the general public safe while on the roads. Wheeler Trucking has implemented a safety program to ensure that all safety measures are followed. Our Safety personell provides training for our current drivers, completes extensive background checks on potential drivers and sub-haulers, as well as attending many seminars to keep up with the latest safety regulations.

Our safety department at Wheeler Trucking focuses on hiring the best drivers available. This is accomplished by performing extensive background research using as many resources as possible, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (CSA), Motor Vehicle Reports from insurance companies, and scores that are listed on Central Dispatch, just to name a few. Researching the background of potential drivers extensively ensures that we hire drivers who are skilled in safety regulations.

Wheeler Trucking is committed to keeping our drivers up to date on the continually changing safety regulations. Because the D.O.T. safety rules and regulations are changing continuously, we have put in place a safety department which is responsible for tracking these changes and implementing training opportunities for our drivers. We ensure our drivers stay up to date on these changes through regular training programs, safety meetings, and safety checks.

Wheeler Trucking has a zero tolerance policy for drivers who do not follow the safety policies and procedures.